-SINCE 1867-
150 years of experience and skills
After the establishment of the company in 1867, we started manufacturing of
razor as the earliest in Japan. During the war, as an Army and Navy designated
munitions factory, we were working on the research on razor blades while producing 
aircraft bodies and military swords, which resulted in the success of the world's first
stainless steel razor development. Starting with this, we have always been at the
forefront of the times using cutting-edge technologies through the manufacturing of
razor with plastic handle (first in Japan), the development of guarded razor blade
(first in Japan) and more. As we have been involved in the manufacturing industry
since the beginning of Japan's industrial history, we are well versed in all kinds of
metal processing technologies such as pressing, polishing and quenching, and we
can make optimal proposals upon request.
Product manufacturing by highly
skilled craftsman
Even in the modern times when it is only to be expected to make
products faithfully following the design drawings, handicrafts by skilled craftsmen determine the final product quality, and that is common to
all products. At our company, we are not only focusing on the skill
improvements of craftsmen but also on the succession of technologies.
Together with techniques, obsessiveness with quality that is a heritage
of Japanese culture from the past has been inherited from generation
to generation, making us capable of painstaking processing that is
unachievable with machines.
Thoroughgoing quality control
One of our strength is the high-level quality control system that we have
cultivated over many years in the razor production field where 1/1000 mm-level
high accuracy is required. Razor blades are strictly controlled from production to
shipment, and if they are damaged, they will be discarded as defective products
even with invisible 0.01 mm scratches. So, all our products to be sent to the
market are inspected by skilled inspectors and in-house developed specialized
inspection machine, aiming for 100% non-defective shipment under a strict
management system. As a matter of course, we have acquired “ISO9001” quality
management standards established by the International Organization for
Standardization, taking every possible quality control.

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